Official List:Edit

-Classy: Reach Level 2.

-Mercenary: Reach level 5.

-Survivor: Reach Level 10.

-Legend of the Wastes: Reach level 20.

Chosen One: Take part in the finale of Arc 2.

-Veteran: Participate in Wasteland Alpha.

-Witness of War: Participate in Wasteland Beta.

-The Blood of Kings: Drink the blood of at least one major faction leader.

-And I Spent it All on Golden Socks: Gain at least 100 thousand caps.

-Royalty: Gain control over 3 factions using politics.

-Super Vegan: Gain enough Vegan power to go Super Saiyen.

-I AM ERROR: Cause a dream simulation to crash.

-Bitch, I got backstory: Complete a character quest.

-Hole Champion: Defeat Gozer in a deathmatch, and become the Hole champion.

-Super Freak: Gain any mutant power.

-Artisan: Reach the master perk for any class.

-Collector: Gain at least a full set in any collection.

-Easter Bunny: Hoard at least 10 Easter Egg collectables.

-DaVince: Engineer at least three unique items with the Crafting skill.

-Bismexual: Make out with members of both sexes at least once.

-Shotalicious: Make a ladyboner-worth character.

-One With the Force: Learn Telekenisis, Lightning manipulation, and gain a lightsaber

Pending List:Edit

Please put all fanon achievements here. They will be reviewed for adding to the official list.