Asshole; Munchkin

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Lex is a GODDAMNED ASSHOLE. The assholiest asshole of them all.


Lex is a ghoul who was alive since the Great War created by the user, guess who, Lex/Lexperiments. He is a fucking asshole and will stop at NOTHING to be an asshole. He has an addiction to coffee and was a complete munchkin, levelling quickly.

He somehow managed to, in only a few days, gain not only ONE superpower, but three. He got a goddamned portal gun, the power of teleportation, and creating fire with his mind. And he misused them greatly in assholish ways. Did I mention he had an addiction to coffee? He's ALWAYS drinkin' coffee.

Almost everyone in the group hated or disliked him and thought there was a huge stick up his ass. The few people that did not hate him were Aaron and Tael. Tael seemed to like him even though Lex absolutely DESPISED Tael. And when I say despised, I mean really, REALLY despised.

He joined the group in Freeside, while being attacked by locusts. He quickly made an asshole of himself, as he did constantly, and became enemies with many trolls as he pestered and tried to hack them. He learned of Enclave's secrets but was unable to tell anyone as he died soon after.

He died when he was captured by NCR rangers in, guess where, Freeside. They caught and executed him as the group watched. There was no mourning.

Known ForEdit

  • Being an asshole
  • Being addicted to coffee
  • Being hated by some trolls
  • Being killed for being too fucking overpowered
  • Setting the damage record, which is OVER ONE THOUSAAAND! on Sephiroth
  • Being way too fucking overpowered
  • Meta-gaming