Rath Illuser (age 17) is an Aquatiknight warrior that the group met in the dream simulator with his best friend Rexel. He wields a Falchion, a medieval blade. Not much is known about Rath's past, since his memories have been repressed.

During Arc 2, while the party was in Hynathia, Rath became friendly with the leader of Hynathia and recieved Mr. Ducky, a blue rubber duck who, according to Rath, can float and think for himself, as evidenced by Rath's defeat by him at "Tic-Tac-Toe" (To be fair, he is going insane.)

Rath is a trustworthy team member, although he is serisously depressed because of his relationship (or lack thereof) with Brixie, another Aquatiknight.